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Men: Tired of Not Having The Body You Want? 
I Was There Once, And It sucked..
Here's My Story And How I "Got Out".

It's time you lose fat, build your physique and improve your health so that you can enjoy the life your building whilst creating the success you deserve. 
You can have everything you want without sacrificing yourself. (a better physique, health, more energy and motivation) even if you're short on time.

In Just 60 Minutes, We Can Begin To Create A Plan To Help You Lose Fat, Build Muscle And Finally Get In Shape...

"even if you're crazy busy and eat on the go"

Dear Future Athlete,

There is never a good reason to let yourself go. When the pic on the left was taken in 2011, I already had 3, top 5 bodybuilding trophies.
I Knew what to do...I just was not doing it.

Sounds familiar?

Well at that time my personal relationship was a mess. I was in this toxic back and forth relationship, my business slowed down and I lost focus.
Most people let themselves slide out of shape when this happens. But this wasn’t my excuse.My training is the ONLY thing that truly calms me down.

I believe how you do one thing, is how you do everything.

Perhaps if I had done the one thing I knew how to do well, I would have done everything much better. And btw, this in not a story about regrets; regrets are lessons not learned. This is a reminder that when everything else around you goes to $hit.

The only thing you can control is YOU.

When you keep mastering “you”. You’ll handle life’s situations much differently. Your physical transformation is ONLY your first step.

Don't wait bc time doesn't.

10 years later, my life has changed in a big way.

Now, It's your turn. We all have a story and I would like to hear yours.

I got the first and the most important step covered, and the momentum you'll gain, I'm confident you've got the rest!

Yours respectfully,

Coach Jay Nelson NASM MT, CPT,CES,PES,SFS.

If you don't  have the body you want, you probably failed because:

  • You don't have time to spend hours in the gym (you don't have to)
  •  You lack the "know how" so you can't accurately assess what works for your body. 
  •  You probably got some results initially and can't seem to go to the next level.

If You've Failed In The Past, Consider This....

What worked in the past is NOT going to work now and maybe it's the only method you know, and in the process, you could be stifling your own growth.
I'm sure you're aware of the health risk factors associated poor self care but what's even just as serious, is the negative effect on your MINDSET.

This can lead to feelings of anxiety and depression, causing you to lose hope and failing to build the life you want.

The "hidden" dangers of your current state of health and mind can:
  • Make you less confident and can place you at the "back of the pack"
  • Decrease your motivation and confidence to achieve more ( financial stability, time for family, getting married, travel, adventure)
  • Make you a bystander and not the C.E.O of your destiny.
  • Make you feel "regular" when you know you want to make a huge impact on the world!​

Here's How I Earned It And Learned It...

I want to share this with as many men as I can because at one point in time, this was my story too.
I was frustrated, stressed out and started lowering my goals based on my reality..

          Maybe you have found yourself in a similar                      situation.....

It was just 6 weeks before my 2nd bodybuilding show when everything went wrong.. 

I LOST my job.

I had ZERO income to take care of my family and NO motivation.

My personal life was in a MESS...
Stress will find a way to derail your progress.

I decided to proceed with my competition and stepped on stage softer and with a lot more body fat than I wanted.

Two years prior, I stepped on stage with less than 4% body fat.

I trained just as hard as I did then, did the EXACT diet and yet still the fat would not come off.

This was my first lesson of how stress hormones negatively affect your physique.

This Led Me To Focus And Deepen My Understanding Of The Body...

I devoured books on anatomy, physiology, nutrition, took seminars and reached out to experts for answers to my increasingly esoteric questions.

I gained a profound comprehension of how the body works how its systems affect one another.
I developed and honed an approach to training and health that took my own physique and well-being to a whole new level.

I began testing my methods on men I was training....

In my following 2 two shows my physique changed considerably.
My picture made it in a few online publications.

I began getting noticed, and I started working with other competitors.

I continued fine tuning my method and extracted the strategies that created faster momentum that fits the lifestyle of busy men and...
The 4 Transformation Pillars Method was born. (Mindset, Nutrition, Exercise, Lifestyle).
Each man will face his own unique combination of ROADBLOCKS that we'll identify, understand and take action to overcome and eliminate. This program is designed to give you the transformative power that fitness can have on EVERY aspect of your life. 

Now, I specialize in helping men transform their bodies helping them feel great when they look in the mirror. If you're ready to:

  •  Build stronger, wider shoulders and improve your 'V' taper.
  • ​Build a thicker defined chest and a wider, muscular back.
  • ​Lose fat without counting calories and doing boring cardio.
  • ​Get a stronger, defined core (so you can confidently take your shirt up to wipe the sweat of your forehead)
  • ​Build your legs so that your physique is proportional.
  • ​Improve your mobility, reduce pain and stiffness.
  •  ​Be the man that his partner fantasizes about.

This is the program you've been looking for....

Do You Need To Hear This?

John lost 20lbs of fat!

Eugene lost fat and gained muscle!

Sushal gained 10lbs of lean mass!

Nick lost 15lbs of pure fat!

Kenny at 8% body fat.

Kurt gained 20lbs of pure muscle!

The 4 Transformation Pillars.
Mindset. Nutrition. Exercise. Lifestyle.

The Primary Mindset Roadblock you need to overcome especially as you begin building your future, is finding the time for your health and fitness. Instead, you make time for everything and subject your health and fitness to pockets of free time.
Consider this; when you're in great health and like the way you look, you significantly increase the value of your contribution to your family, your business and your career, becoming the MVP in every circle you're part of.

Excess body fat indicates that your Nutrition strategy is not dialed in, slowing down your metabolism so burning fat and building lean muscle is almost impossible.

Your Exercise intensity must accurately match your fitness level so you can build muscle, lose fat and not get hurt.

Optimizing certain parts of your Lifestyle will amplify the hormones you want to supercharge your recovery so that you train harder and achieve your goals faster.

When all of The 4 Transformation Pillars are Aligned and in Sync, You unleash The Ultimate Version of Yourself. ( lean, muscular, confident, totally awesome dude)

I'll personally design your strategy giving you EXACTLY what you need in simple, easy to use system to Transform your body in the next 90 Days. 

Now if you don't have the "know how" and lack the time you can be stuck here for a very long time. A lot of men NEVER escape this trap.


I can ONLY ENROLL 5 Guys Every Month in This transformation Experience.
WHY? The First 4 Weeks is Critical To Ensure a High degree of Personalization To Help You Overcome
Your Unique Combination Of Challenges.
  •  Scroll Down To schedule an Appointment With Me.
  • From There I Will Determine If You're A Good Fit for The Program.
  •  We'll Pick The Best Start Date For You and Begin Your Transformation.

PS - If You're Not the Right Fit For The Program NOW, 
I'll be Sure To Point You To Right Direction.

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Will This Work For Me?

I don't Have Access To a Gym. Can I Workout at Home and Get The Same Results?

  •  Absolutely! You must however consider your goals. For instance if you want to put on significantly more lean muscle mass, you will need access to heavier equipment.

I'm New to Fitness. Is This Program Geared To My Level? 

  •  Yes. Your strength, cardiovascular fitness and mobility will be assessed. At the same time we'll Identify and address your Mindset, Nutrition and Lifestyle roadblocks and create Your personalized solution.

Do I have To Take Pills and Powders?

  • When it comes to optimizing your hormones, Lifestyle changes have a significant impact on improving your hormonal environment. Also consider that smart supplementation bridges the gap between the decreasing nutrient content of the food we eat and what your body needs to function optimally.

I've Always Started and Failed To Finish.

  • The 4 Transformation Pillars  was born of a need and the method extracted. Just like a building, each pillar depends on the strength of the others. A balanced approach with the right Mindset and a powerful Why will turn roadblocks into mere bumps on your journey. You will also be assigned an accountability coach to keep you on track daily.

I am ready to be lean and muscular, improve my self confidence, and be the man that drives his partner crazy.

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