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314 Hillside Avenue, Williston Park. NY. 11596.

Discover A Faster Way To Lose Fat, Build Muscle and Never Go Back...
 Finally, Transform Your Body And Take Control Of Your Health Once And For All!

Listen to what others had to say about their experience using this unique system and you decide if this is a good fit for you....

Hey, We Get It...It's Tough Finding Time To Stay In Shape When You've Got So Much Going On...

It's our personal mission to help you Get In and stay in shape…

Dear Future Member,

We know you have a lot going on and unfortunately your fitness and your health eventually pays the price. You've probably tried to get in shape in the past and you're here now because you're not where you want to be..

Maybe you've tried low carb, no carb, low fat, intermittent fasting and you may have even given up the foods you loved.

Almost all of the people that come in to see us that restrict, binge and repeat stay stuck on the fat loss hamster wheel.
You either resort to crazy intense workouts or can't seem to get going on your own. 

Through the years from working with hundreds of men and women just like yourself we saw how frustrating it was to them to find that nothing would stick long term...

Until now..

Through some trial and error, and a lot of case studies we finally created a fitness system that works faster and is easier to use than anything you have ever tried.

Are you in?

Committed To Your Success,
Team Body Image Fitness.

15 lbs of Fat Lost in 12 weeks!

Julissa Lost Over 65lbs!

Eve Lost 20lbs!

Kurt gained 20lbs of pure muscle!

Julissa Lost Over 65lbs!

John lost 20lbs of fat!

Now, let me Guess why Your Last Fitness Experience Failed..

You've probably hired a trainer, joined a cross fit box or large group fitness class because you've failed to get results on your own. The problem is you go in get a workout and then you leave. You barely remember the nutrition tips you received during your workout session or may have attended a few nutrition classes and now you're expected to know what to do. 

You ask your trainer " What should I do on my days off?" He replies "cardio." 

This leaves you with the EXACT problems you started off with in the first place:

>> You don't have a nutrition plan that's catered to your goals.( 50 year old 150lb Suzie got the same plan as 30 year old 225lb John)
>> You don't have a "real" fitness plan to keep you progressing between sessions.( you just do cardio or the "famous" WOD)
>> You don't have someone keeping you accountable.(No one checks in when you skip your workouts, stay in your P.j's and watch Netflix.)
>> You didn't build any new habits so you revert to your old way, lose motivation and the cycle continues.
>> You don't have a coach, you have a trainer. 

What you need is a complete program that fits your lifestyle and your body like a glove.

A program that addresses every aspect of your health and fitness making it easier for you to get the results you want and the accountability to help you stay on track.
If you have found yourself stuck at some point on your transformation journey, frustrated and jumping around from diet to diet and don’t know what your next step is…
  • If you feel like you’re putting everything into your kids, your job or your business so you're struggling to make time for yourself.
  • ​If you hate not having the energy to keep up with your kids.
  • If you've experienced muscular stiffness, joint pain so simple everyday activities are gradually becoming more difficult.
  • ​If you're feeling out of shape, overweight & avoiding looking in the mirror because you don't like what you see.
  • ​If you've tried to do it on your own and keep failing time & time again.

"We want you to know that we hear you, see you, 
and understand you and that we are here to help you..."

Achieve the results you secretly desire...

Imagine your life in just a few months after joining our program. How amazing will it be to create a fitness lifestyle that you enjoy. 
Finally losing that stubborn fat and keeping it off for good…

Women, wear that bikini on vacation and feel sexy, desirable, strong, energetic and empowered!

And men, walk around shirtless whenever you want to without feeling self conscious. When you feel better about yourself, something special happens. You experience a renewed sense of purpose, adventure so you gain the energy to accomplish more of your life's goals!

"We want you to live your best life and enjoy better health for a lifetime."

...And Why With Our Hybrid Fitness Program You'll Win!

Personal Training. Nutrition and Lifestyle Coaching. Accountability.

Imagine...your game plan for the month: personal training sessions, cardio, mobility and nutrition strategy is laid out for you in the palm of your hands.
Have to suddenly change your plans? No problem...your coach will work with you to adjust your workouts helping you stay active even when life gets in the way. It's built to adapt to your schedule, your equipment, your unique physiology.

Think of it as a Monthly lesson plan to a fitter, stronger you.

With Hybrid you:

>> Have a nutrition plan that's catered to your goals.
>> Have a "real" fitness plan to keep you progressing between sessions.
>> Have an accountability coach to keep you on track and to troubleshoot when you hit bumps in road.
>> Build new habits so you gradually lose your old way and embrace your new lifestyle.
>> Have an entire coaching team not just a trainer only.

And an awesome community of like minded people, unlimited guidance, support and continuing education whenever you need it!

"The gym only calls you when your credit card fails... we've made it easier for you to transform your body for life." 

I'm Glad You've Made it Here!
Here's What You Get With Your 14 Day Hybrid Experience...

Experience #1 - 2  Personalized Training Sessions.
"Move, Feel And Look Better."
Total Value: $197
You'll meet with your trainer and get an awesome workout to keep you motivated and on track!
Beginner? Don't worry...It's tailored to match your current fitness levels!
INCLUDED With Your 14 Day Hybrid Experience Today! 
Experience #2 - A Customized Nutrition Plan.
"Nutrition is 80% Of Your Results."
Total Value: $99
We'll help you build a plan around your food preferences that aligns with the goals you want to achieve.
You'll get recipes, meal prep videos, supplement recommendations and much more.
INCLUDED With Your 14 Day Hybrid Experience Today! 
Experience #3 - A Customized Monthly Fitness Plan.
"What To Do When You're not with us ."
Total Value: $197
You'll have your entire month's workouts planned via the Body Image Fitness platform. 
You can also connect your favorite fitness devices like Apple watch, Fitbit and My Fitness Pal.
INCLUDED With Your 14 Day Hybrid Experience Today! 
Experience #4 - Your Own Accountability Coach.
"The Gym Only Calls When Your Credit Card Fails ."
Total Value: $97
We'll follow up when you slip (the gym only calls when your credit card fails) and cheer you on when you rock. 
INCLUDED With Your 14 Day Hybrid Experience Today! 
Experience #5 - The Ultimate Fat Loss Checklist.

"Use This Checklist To Break Through Plateaus."
Total Value: $47
You are doing everything right and suddenly, your results dry up. This checklist will help you get back to getting the results you want. 
INCLUDED With Your 14 Day Hybrid Experience Today! 
Here's One Last Recap Of Everything You'll Get today When You Get The 14 Day Hybrid Experience. 

YES! Schedule My 14 Day Hybrid Experience!
  2 Personalized Training Sessions (Value $197)
  A Customized Nutrition Plan.  (Value $99)
  A Customized Fitness Plan. (Value $197)
  Your Accountability Coach  (Value $97)
  The Ultimate Fat Loss Checklist  (Value $47)
Total Value: $637.
Today, Just $37!

1. We'll Listen To Your Needs And Help You Set Challenging but Achievable Goals.

If your goal is to lose weight, how long were you carrying around those extra pounds? 

Do you care that you get there fast or that it’s permanent?

Perhaps you were a skinny kid and want to gain muscle or you gained weight after having your kids.

Bear in mind that your goal is a combination of multiple factors harmoniously working together and it must be challenging enough to push you through but attainable to keep you motivated. 

2. We'll Perform A Comprehensive Body Composition Analysis.

We'll use your weight, circumference measurements and test your body fat to lean body mass ratio...why?

This determines what and how much you can eat so we can zero in on your nutrition program.

Where body fat is being deposited can tell us which hormones you are producing providing valuable insight on exercise selection and dietary recommendations.

3. We'll Assess Your Movement Patterns To Address Pain, Flexibility or Mobility Issues.

This is a critical and often overlooked part in this journey. A comprehensive evaluation is the difference between success and failure or progress and injury.

If your job requires you to sit all day your lower back, hamstrings and hip flexors may be tight.

If you spend hours on the screen texting or typing, you may have rounded shoulders or a forward head.

We'll help you move, feel and look better!

4. We'll Get A Fun Workout In And Assess Your Fitness Levels.

This is the fun part. We'll use a variety of exercises to get your heart rate up and get you sweating and feeling good.
We'll be monitoring your strength, endurance and cardiovascular conditioning.

We'll then use this information to determine to build your training plan so you can begin your transformation journey.

Time Is Of The Essence...
The risk sits squarely on our shoulders...
If for some reason you think you wasted of your time when you could have gotten a GYM MEMBERSHIP, took some classes or done a bootcamp you keep all the bonuses and Get A Full Refund no questions asked!

We give you EXACTLY what you need in a simple and easy to use system.

        Why Choose Us?

        If you're anything like I was, you've tried every diet in the book, you've committed every year and then something happens...something gets in the way of your success. Why does this happen? Weight loss and transformation is way more than the numbers on the scale or the calories you're eating each day...this program works because it really emphasized the key ways for you to build a positive mindset and a healthier lifestyle so you lose the weight and change your body for good.

        Laurie C.

        10 lb Fat Loss!

        She eventually lost over 145lbs.

        Corey dropped 15% body fat!

        ATTN: Men! Your Unique Problem and WHY It's A Big Deal.

        Here are some more results..

        Sushal gained 10lbs of lean mass!

        Nick lost 15lbs of pure fat!

        Kenny at 8% body fat.

        Your Transformation Awaits..

        Our Transformation Program Combines Training, Coaching and Accountability. You no longer have to neglect your self and your health.

        We don’t believe in liquid diets and quick fixes. All our clients like you enjoy our program and fall in love with the results they get. We’re better at holding you accountable and helping you navigate around life’s obstacles. Our 4 pillars of Fitness addresses these problems and have helped dozens of Women achieve their goals. 

        Now we are going to help you achieve yours.

        Here Are What Some Members Are Saying On Google

        Our Transformation Program Helps You Lose The Weight and Keep It Off! 

        I Know You're Probably Wondering...Will This Work For Me?

        I'm not Comfortable Returning To The Gym as Yet...Can I Workout at Home and Get The Same Results? 
        Absolutely! You will  however need resistance tubing that's versatile, inexpensive and can be stored with minimal space requirements.

        I'm New to Fitness. Is This Program Geared To My Level?
        Yes. Your strength, cardiovascular fitness and mobility will be assessed to create your personalized solution.

        Do I have To Take Pills and Powders?
        No but please consider that smart supplementation bridges the gap between the decreasing nutrient content of the food we eat and what your body needs to function optimally.

        I've Always Started and Failed To Finish.
        I will keep you accountable to help you on track daily, and when you start seeing and feeling the results, you will not want to stop!

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